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  1. Ijoy GENIE PD270 kit - maximize the power capacity and LED element

    [CENTER]The Genie PD270 kit from Ijoy now is available at Elegomall at best price, is powered by dual 18650 (with a silicone adapter sold separately) and dual 20700 batteries that come along inside the package too. Moreover, the curved ergonomic design and 5 color options makes Genie PD270 kit a function and brilliant matching. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ https://www.elegomall.com/ijoy-genie-pd270-starter-kit.html Product features: -88*43*45mm -234 max wattage -RGB backlight -Enough space for 30mm tanks tho -LED flashlight -Customized leather stickers (more beautiful options, sold separately) -Multiple vape modes -Magnetic battery door for protecting use -Firmware upgradable -Large screen -Captain S Subtank 25mm -Sliding top fill More details on Ijoy Genie PD270 kit please click here~~~ [/CENTER]
  2. New new rainbow-colored RevengerKit landed~

    Vaporesso Revenger Kit in iridescent now available at Elegomall now :headbang::headbang::headbang: As the flagship platform product, Revenger mod with NRC subtank is a must for vape newbie and guru as a beautiful vape combo with great performance. Specs and features: Capacity:5.0 / 2.0ml Size:45*89*28mm Battery Capacity:2*18650 Display:0.96 inch OLED Max Wattage:220W Resistance:0.15-0.4Ω Weight:350g Could you find out that there is one color of Revenger Kit missing in the pic above? Find out the answer and more details on it at Elegomall now ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ https://www.elegomall.com/brands/vaporesso.html
  3. Uwell Valyrian tank - three Valyrian steel swords for various needs

    [SIZE=6][COLOR=#0080ff]How many watts do you want to vape on Valyrian Sub tank from Uwell?[/COLOR][/SIZE] Moro details on Uwell Valyrian tank please visit: Uwell Valyrian Atomizer -Elegomall [SIZE=5][COLOR=#59b300]Three[/COLOR][/SIZE] valyrian steel sword for different airflow, flavors and wattage. Grab the first patch of Uwell Valyrian tank at Elegomall Exclusive now XD Elegomall Month of Brands -Elegomall
  4. [SIZE=6]ARTERY releases the Lady Q vape kit, which has appointed Elegomall as the Sole Agent, now landed at elegomall.com ~ [/SIZE] [SIZE=5]There is too less average starter kits on the market that designed for girls on purpose, so here comes the lady Q for y'all vape lady~~~[/SIZE] 1.Specs Capacity: 1.5ml Kit Size:89 * 21 mm (when tank is inside) 118 * 21 mm (when tank is outside) Battery Capacity: 1000mah Resistance: 0.7ohm (15-25W) Weight: 200g like a lipstick indeed ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ 2.Features 2.1 good looking design - we could hardly find the differences between a lipstick and LadyQ since its the cart is soooo similar to the former . As a 23-year-old-girl who vapes, I fell in love with the apperance of this adorable vape kit since I met it. 2.2 integral button(or to say, touch-sensor fire button) graceful and user-friendly 2.3 suppressible tank for sanitation 2.4 light and easily carried from place to place 2.5 magnetic tank base, vapers just slight put the battery and the tank section close, assemble done 2.6 four adjustable airflow options, meet different needs on vapor production 2.7 power capacity: 1000mAh 3.Package contents 1 x Lady Q Kit 1 x USB Cable 1 x Extral Coil 1 x Pack O-rings 1 x User Manual 1 x Warranty Card 1 x Certificate what about comparing with others starter kit, here are some spec of them you may what to know too~ The names of vape kit from left-to-right are: 1.Artery Lady Q Elegomall exclusive with best price Capacity: 1.5ml Kit Size:89 * 21 mm (when tank is inside) 118 * 21 mm (when tank is outside) Battery Capacity: 1000mah Resistance: 0.7ohm (15-25W) Weight: 200g like a lipstick indeed 2.Sourin Air /// 12USD newest colors version that come out at June 2017 Atomizer Capacity:2.0ml Battery Capacity: 400mAh Battery Size: 48 * 8 * 86 mm Full Power:16W Weight:150g 3.Joytech Icare 2 ///8.65USD click here to more more about Joyetech Icare starter kit that be release on August 2017 Capacity: 2.0ml Kit Size:31 * 13 * 86 mm Battery Capacity: 650mah Max Wattage:15W Resistance: 0.6-3.0ohm Weight: 360g 4.Joytech Icare /// 6.8USD click here to purchase Icare AIO vape kit Atomizer Product Type: All In One Capacity: 1.8ml Size:30mm × 14mm × 75mm Battery Capacity: 650mah Max Wattage: 15W Resistance: 1.0-3.5ohm Weight: 194g Which interest you most? Welcome to comment here ;D Grab your favorite on-the-go vape kit at elegomall.com now :thumb:
  5. Uwell comparison on ValyrianSubTank & Crown3 & Crown3mini

    Uwell comparison on #ValyrianSubTank & #Crown3 & #Crown3mini The left-to-right order goes as: Valyrian subtank, Crown3 subtank, Crown3 mini subtank 🤔🤔 And the specs on them is: 1.Valyrian subtank Capacity:5ml (8.0ml glass should be purchased separately) Size:25 * 62.3 mm Resistance:0.15ohm Weight:100g Connection Threading: 510 Short video on unboxing Valyrian 2.Crown3 subtank Capacity:5.0ml Size:24.5 * 62.7mm Coil:SUS316 0.25ohm(80-90W) / SUS316 0.5ohm(70-80W) Weight:140g Connection Threading: 510 3.Crown3 mini subtank Capacity:2.0 / 4.5ml Diameter:22.6mm Height:58mm Coil:SUS316 0.25ohm(80-90W) / SUS316 0.5ohm(70-80W) Weight:135g Connection Threading:510 You can tell from these pics that Valyrian tank is a subohm tank with many personality in its airflow control ring, colorful and changeable o-rings etc. :thumb: If you are looking for a starter tank which could draw some attentions for its graceful design, then the newest Valyrian tank from Uwell will never let you down like its brothers/sisters do. Pure flavor, satisfied cloud production, pre-made coil heads with durable life, and nice looking~~~ Check more new landed products at Elegomall if you like :banana: https://www.elegomall.com/pre-orders.html
  6. Smok Procolor Kit unbox and review by Elegomall

    ProColor Kit with TFV8 big baby tank finally gets to Elegomall before the middle of August, let's unbox the package and see how it works now! :banana: Purchase link of SMOK Pro Color Kit for bargain hunter: https://www.elegomall.com/smok-procolor-kit-with-tfv8-big-baby-tank-standard-edition.html Colorful mod is the trend in vape industry in 2017, and ProColor Kit is born to fulfill this "cool shinny mod" need of vapers'. We also made a short video on Smok ProColor mod at dark. [MEDIA=instagram]BXpvgYAj-MG[/MEDIA] 1. Package contents 1.1 Pro Color box mod 1.2 TFV8 Big Baby Tank 1.3 V8 Baby-Q2 0.4ohm Dual Coils (Pre-installed) 1.4 V8 Baby-T8 0.15ohm Octuplen Coils 1.5 Spare Glass Tube 1.6 USA cable 1.7 User manual 1.8 Accessory bag(orings etc.) 2.Specs and feautures: 2.1 85mm in height 2.2 46mm in width 2.3 29.5mm in depth 2.4 151g in weight 2.5 Wattage range: 6-225w 2.6 Output Voltage: 0.5-039v 2.7 Temperature range: 200-600F/100-315C 2.8 Tank capacity: 5ml/2ml(TPD edition) 2.9 The first shield shaped area consists of OLED screen 2.10 Side-bar clicky fire button 2.11 Puff monitoring system 2.12 3-mode (VW&TC&Memory) 2.13 6-color screen setting 2.14 Protecting the wraps of batteries You may also interest: [SIZE=6]1. [SIZE=6]Smok T-Priv 220W Kit with TFV8 Big Baby - 2.0 / 5.0ml ---41.5USD[/SIZE][/SIZE] https://gallery.mailchimp.com/00e11cf98c813a240c385778b/images/04af1bae-e95b-423b-a07c-d1ffdafff20f.jpg [SIZE=6]2.Smok G-Priv230w V2 ---39.9USD [/SIZE] https://www.elegomall.com/smok-g-priv-2-230w-touch-screen-mod-6024.html [SIZE=6]3. Smok Spirals tank --- 16.5USD https://www.elegomall.com/brands/smok/smok-spirals-plus-tank.html[/SIZE] And also Elegomall offers the best price of the pre-made coil(for TFV8 big baby beast tank) of Smok ProColor Kit here: https://www.elegomall.com/smok-tfv8-baby-m2-replacement-coil.html
  7. GTRS 200w Box Mod with YiHi SX500 chip

    The GTRS 200w box mod that will be released in the middle of August, is the cousin of SXmini G Class with the same YiHi SX500 chip. The 1.3 inch full colored screen, high performance, anti-skip design, streamline body, making it a excellent box mod standing out from the large screen mods on the market. 1.Specs 1.1 9.0 x 4.7 x 3.2cm 1.2 1.3inch full color screen 1.3 Ten wallpapers that could be uploaded 1.4 Five wattage mode (Soft, Standard, Powerful, Powerful+, SXi-Q-S1) 1.5 Joule mode range: 10-120J 1.6 Wattage range: 5-200 1.7 ℃ Range:100-300 1.8 ℉ Range:200-600 1.9 Voltage range: 6.6-8.4 1.10 Resistance Range: .05-3.0 1.11Current output range: 45A 1.12 Dual 18650 2.Feautures 2.1 YiHi SX500 chip, computer-alike box mod XD 2.2 Near to HD screen 2.3 Safe battery cove, no worry about wears and tears on the wrap on the batteries 2.4 Prevent slipping design 2.5 Four clicky bottoms for user friendly 2.6 200watts It is hard to find out some cons on the GTRS 200w Box Mod because it is so ergonomic and functional no matter when it comes to vape or show the personality with the wallpapers, especially the feeling of holding this mod, which is so comfortable and firm. The GTRS Vboy 200w will be a must for the advanced vapers and vape collecting mania.
  8. Uwell Valyrian tank - three Valyrian steel swords for various needs

    Valyrian Sub ohm tank, which is available at Elegomall with the surprising price, by Uwell, is the most noteworthy sub-ohm tank after the Crown3 with its variety wattage range(up to 120w), graceful design and the product theme on the Game of thrones. As you guys see, Uwell prepared a lot for this Valyrian tank, or to say, this tank born with a concept on its point, three 'Valyrian steel'swords (three types of pin that could be inserted into the coil to change the airflow and flavor) [MEDIA=youtube]dzy_3U3syxw[/MEDIA] 1.Specs and feautures 1.1 25mm diameter 1.2 62.3mm tall 1.3 E-juice capacity:5ml (the glass tube of 8ml capacity sold separately) 1.4 Net weight:62.6g 1.5 Airflow path: Bottom 1.6 Filling hole is on the top 1.7 Three sword pins:Spiral type for 95-105w(7-3 pin) Unrestricted type pin for 100-120w(7-2 pin) Wave type pin for 100-120w(7-1 pin) 1.8 Plug-and-play tank as Uwell's products always do, easy to use ever 2.Package contents 2.1 Uwell Valyrian Atomizer 2.2 Extra Pyres Glass 2.3 Two .15 ohm pre-made coil head 2.4 Accessory bag (O-rings, Different color drip tip) 2.5 User Manual 2.6 Drip tip cover 2.7 Three pins for changing the airflow and flavor, in different wattage ranges. 3.Multiple color options Make your vape life more brilliant 4.Easy to detach and clean, fill. - User-friendly tank ever Are you a fan of Game of Thrones ? And how you like about this TV plays theme vape? Let us guess what will happen if vaper collects these three mysterious sword pins in cloud production and flavor. Check Uwell Valyrian Sub Ohm Tank at elegomall.com for more details now please.
  9. Elegomall's first try on VandyVape Mesh RDA XD

    Hey vape fam! Elegomall finally gets the Mesh RDA from Vandy Vape today, can't wait to share with ya all with this revolutionary(real revolutionary) and easy-to build ever RDA here. Let's dive down for more info on Mesh RDA, which is available at Elegomall now. 1.Spec & Features 1.1 24mm diameter 1.2 25mm tall 1.3 1.0ml E-juice capacity 1.4 Fits with Mesh coil or Stand coil(wire) 1.5 Invisible clamp style postless deck 1.6 Two drip tips included(ULTEM drip tip and Delrin Doc tip which with pineapple grooves ) 1.7 Bottom feed pin included 1.8 Single/Dual wire coil 2.Package contents 2.1 Vandy Vape Mesh RDA *1 2.2 18.5MM Delrin Doc tip *1 2.3 ULTEM Drip tip*1 2.4 Accessory bag(screw drivers, back-up screw, BF pin, o rings) 2.5 KA Mesh wire*3 2.6 Ni80 Mesh wire*3 2.7SS316 Mesh wire*3 3. Ease-of-use build deck ever on the market. 4. Vandy Vape KA1 Mesh Wire ps: compare to the similar concept product on the market, we have faith on VandyVape Mesh RDA because of its shorter structure(for saturating totally), lower density mesh wire, and also the high quality control. How do you like Mesh RDA? You could also pre-order it now at Elegomall then get the first patch that comes into the market. And Elegomall and VandyVape are so excited to know the feedback on this neonatal tank with mesh coil concept:D
  10. Sigelei MT 220 - a FUTURISTIC transformer mod at elegomall

    Elegomall gets Sigelei MT 220w mod today, and we have to admit that most of us love the futuristic concept box mod very much as its "cage" factor look, Led lights and practical applications. Here are some features with detailed pics of this MT mod. 1.includes: Sigelei MT 220w box mod*1 User manual*1 Warranty centers card*1 The Instruction of Sigelei Security Code*1 USB Cable*1 2.Weight (without baterry) of course it is heavier than [URL='http:// https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/boxer-rader-211w-at-elegomall-80-2g-weight-dual18650-mod.818677/']Boxer Rader 211w(80.2g)[/URL] 3.Specs 3.1 Max output:220w 3.2 Dual 18650 3.3 Translucent case 3.4 Large color screen (1.0'') 3.5 Transformer-alike fire bottom 3.6 Real-time clock 3.7 Size:87*50*33.5mm 3.8 Maximum current: 38A 3.9 Working modes : POWER/SS316/SS317/TiI/NI200/TCR 3.10 Resistance range: 0.05Ω-3.0Ω 3.11 Six color LED options 3.12 Sharp eye-design above the screen 3.13 Three body color options(Black/SS, Dark Red/Gold, Purple/Red, Black/Blue) 4.How are the 6 colors ? 4.1 Light blue 4.2 Dark blue 4.3 Orange 4.4 Purple 4.5 Red 4.6 Green The MT 220 mod from Sigelei, which is now available at elegomall.com with best price, fits with tank those diameters come up to 33.5mm. With its temperature-sensing wires, TCR, power modes, etc. But the MT has an advertised ten fewer watts capability, and it also goes to 0.05 ohms to 0.1 ohm. How do you like about this dope mod? Comment below
  11. 8.4-8.11 the week of vaporesso at elegomall.com :D

    [COLOR=#000000]Good good news vape fam! Vaporesso has teamed up with elegomall to make contribute to the vape society from 8.4-8.11 with special discount apply to full-line products from them, and you could also have the chance to get the one of 20 RevengerKits which is acquired gratis. [/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]As the core culture goes like "Beyond the Ordinary", vapers have got be familar with Vaporesso so much since their products were always elaborate and highly practical. From 4 August to 11 August, vaper could even get 5% off on all vape gears from Vaporesso onthe basis of the best price in the market.[/COLOR] What are the favorite products of Vaporesoo you want the most? So here are some references: 1. Vaporesso Aurora kit [COLOR=#000000] 2.Vaporesso Revenget Kit and newest rainbow-colored [/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000] 3. Vaporesso NRG tank 4. Vaporesso Tarot Mini Starter kit Grab this nice vape products with discounts before they are gone ladies and gentlemen ps:which brand you want us to work with next week? comment below please:headbang: [/COLOR]
  12. Comparison of Wismec RX200&RX200&RX-Gene3

    Comparison of Wismec RX200 & c/URL] & RX Gene3 As triple-battery mods form Wismec RX series, the newest RX Gene3 is far better than its elder brothers(RX 200 AND RX2/3) 1. size: smaller, shorter 2. the screen of Gene3 is much more bigger than RX200 and RX2/3 Custom logo design supportive as usual 3.weight(without battery) RX200:182.5g RX2/3:183.3g Gene3: 147.4g 4.safer! When it comes to Gene3, there is no worry on the wearing wrappings any more 5.Wattage RX200:200w RX2/3:200w Gene3:300w How is your mod of Wismec now? Working still great?
  13. Warlock ArkLock – A pod mod born for MTL vape

    Warlock has produced the Ark Ship in late July 2017, this all-in-one vape kit comes with two 2ml(TPD version for Europe especially) cartridges and long battery life of 2200mAh. As for the resistance of these two pre-made coil, 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm are the options depend on your preference. The Ark Ship from Warlock is brand new concept from Juul, Phix and Von Erl with its large battery capacity, pocket friendly, and MLT draw. Package includes: 1*Ark Ship battery 2*atomizers(0.8/1.2ohm) 1*USB cable 1*cleaning cloth 1*user manual Features: 1.Magnetic cap, for ease-to-use and sanitation 2.Bottom filling with childproof design, no leakage ever 3.Three color options 4. Ergonomic drip design 5.Impressive vapor production and battery life 6.Nice and clicky button In all, the Ark Ship vape kit bring the most convenient experiment to users who chasing on-the-go handy vape and simplicity operation. For who looking for some vape kits that could be carry around when travelling, Ark Ship may satisfy him/her very much. How do you like/dislike it?
  14. Your BMW vape - leaked photo from Joyetech Ekee Motor Kit

    Ekee kit from Joyetech now available at Elegomall.com now, how do you like this BMW key concept vape gear? My car-key-alike could produce vapor, is that cool?! Stay tuned at elegomall.com for more info on Joyetech Ekee vape :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  15. More details on CoilArt Dpro RDA

    More detail on #dproRDA from coil art here