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  1. $19.99 For Vaptio New Arrival Solo Flat Mini Pod Kit

    Solo-Flat Mini Kit comes with inhale system for start vaping. No button to press, easy to operate. This kit also features Patented Ceramic Atomizer tech, enhances taste production. The ceramic coil will produce healthier and scrumptious taste. The kit is built-in 260mAh battery capacity, LED indicator can display battery status. The pod utilizes magnetic base for easy to insert the battery. Features Patented Ceramic Atomizer Tech enhanced taste production Pure ceramic heating technology provides scrumptious and healthier taste Premium aluminum matte finish with slim body, comfortable to hold in hand; portable size for easy to carry No button to press, inhale system for start vaping Superior airflow design with huge cloud production LED battery indicator display Magnetic pod design with top filling system Packing List 1*SOLO-FLAT MINI MOD 1*SOLO-FLAT MINI Tank 1*User Manual 1*USB Cable You can check details and buy from this link:
  2. Spot Sale---Vaptio C-Flat Mini Kit

    Product Introduction C-Flat Mini kit is a new pod mod kit designed as a mini version of the existing C-Flat kit. Which is refillable with your own e-liquid however as this is a low power high resistance device it would be best with high nicotine or nicotine salt e-liquid. The pod will hold 1.3ml of liquid like the original and the output is 9-12W. The coil resistance of the pods is 1.5ohm and the coil is apparently a patented ceramic design. Having used a few devices with ceramic coils they do generally produce a clearer flavor even at low power. The body of the mod has an aluminium matte finish and comes in a range of funky colors. Features All-in-one kit Built-in 260mAh Li-ion battery Wattage range: 9 - 12W Charging time: 1h Resistance: 1.5 ohm Capacity: 1.3ml Packing List 1x C-FLAT MINI MOD 1x C-FLAT MINI Tank User Manual USB Cable Click here for it:
  3. Come Join Our Vaptio Paris Fans Meetup! Get IPAD!

    Sipping cocktails with vaping influencers, enjoying vape tricks with other vapers, feeling heartbeats in luck draw, and moreover, getting iPAD!! Where could we experience all these? Just come to Vaptio Paris Fans Meetup!!! It's totally for free! There will be a Vaptio fans meetup party in Paris on Oct. 7. Instagram Influencers and vape lovers will be there with you to enjoy vaping, delicious food and games together! Just have fun and get special gifts!!! Play the lucky draw and win: 1. The latest IPAD 9.7-inch! 2. Vaptio Limited Customized Golden Capt'n Paragon Kit (only 60 kits around the world) 3. Vaptio Anniversary Coupon to shop at low price! 4. Special Fan Tailored Necklace! 5. Special Fan Tailored Wristband! Want to join us? please click and choose Paris to sign up! Welcome to come with your friends! Address: Paris, France, venue info is coming soon. Date: October 7 Come and have fun!!!
  4. WIN Ipad From VAPTIO V-Fans Meet Up!!!

    Welcome to VAPTIO fans meetup in Paris, France! Join Our Meet Up And Win Ipad For Free!!!Moring Free Gift will also be provided for you by Game. 1. IPAD 9.7-inch 2. Vaptio Anniversary Coupon 3. Special Fan Tailored Necklace 4. Special Fan Tailored Wristband 5. Vaptio vape kit If you want to join us, please click and choose Paris to sign up. Date: Oct. 7th Come and have fun!!!
  5. Get Free Wall Crawler Frogman Vape Kit by Vaptio Lucky Prize Wheel!

    Have fun in Vaptio Anniversary Carnival! Are you seeking Free vapes? Are you a fan of lucky wheel? Come and play Lucky Prize Wheel of Vaptio Anniversary Carnival! All your need to do is signing in and spin the wheel! You can win prizes as follows: 1st Prize: Wall Crawler Frogman Kit 2nd Prize: $50 Cash Coupon 3rd Prize: A Cap and a T-shirt Visit and play!
  6. Welcome to Vaptio Germany Fans Meetup! Come and Get IPAD!

    If you want to try Vaptio new vapes, win big prizes, or meet other vape lovers, welcome to VAPTIO fans meetup in Dortmund, Germany! Let's relax in the cocktail party, get VAPTIO special gifts, enjoy vape trick competition, join in Vaptio luck draw, get iPAD and other surprising prize -- 1. IPAD 9.7-inch 2. Vaptio Anniversary Coupon 3. Special Fan Tailored Necklace 4. Special Fan Tailored Wristband 5. Vaptio vape kit If you want to join us, please click and choose Dortmund to sign up. Address: Lindemannstraße 78, 44137 Dortmund Date: September 22 Come and have fun!!!
  7. Vaptio Europe V Fans Meet Up Invitation

    Come Join Our Cocktail Party and Bring Your Friends!!! We have kinds of gift will be present to V Fans!!! Germany Party: Address: Lindemannstrabe 78, 44137 Dortmund Time: 22 Sept 2018 (19:30-22:30) France Party: Address: Paris Time: 7 Oct 2018 (19:30-22:30) UK Party: Address: Birmingham Time: 27 Oct 2018 (19:30-22:30) Welcome to the party and win the $50/$100/$200 Cash Coupon You can go to our site to Join!!!! We're Wating for you!!!
  8. Vaptio Anniversary Carnival Is Coming! Huge Prizes & Deals!

    Are you Vaptio's loyal fan? Are you looking forward to Vaptio's every big deal? If your answer is YES, here is a special series of gifts for you: from today on we're running VAPTIO ANNIVERSARY CARNIVAL, with SUPER HUGE DEALS and PRIZES waiting for you! We're not kidding. We will offer various coupons, discounts and other crazy sales, for most models including all our new products! Now let's see what will be offered: $1.99 Buy Best Cash Coupons Sept. 4 - Sept.28 $1.99 for $15 Cash Coupon $2.99 for $30 Cash Coupon $3.99 for $50 Cash Coupon The coupons are limited every day, so guys there's no time to hesitate! Trade in with Sept. 4 - Sept.28 You can unlock a 40% OFF coupon by sending to [email protected] the invoice copy or order number of buying Vaptio products online or offline no less than a year ago. $1 Flash Sale Sept. 18 - Sept.24 You can buy certain products with only $1, as long as you click fast enough! Combo Offers Sept. 18 - Sept.30 You can buy a kit with a tank or coil at a special price: $ 11.9 for a P-I TF Kit + a Tank (Original Price: 18.99+8.99=$27.98) $ 15.8 for a P-III Gear Kit + a Tank (Original Price: 17.29+9.99=$27.28) $ 25.9 for a P1 mini s Kit + a Tank (Original Price: 31.50+15.50=$47.00) $ 23.8 for a Solo-Flat Mini Kit + a Solo-Flat Mini Tank (Original Price:19.99+12.99=$32.98) $ 28.5 for a C-flat Mini Kit + C-flat Mini Tank (Original Price: 23.99+12.99=$36.98) $ 39.8 for a N1 PRO 240W Kit + Frogman Coil (Original Price: 39.39+20=$59.39) Buy More, Get More Gifts Sept. 18 - Sept.30 If your payment of one single order reaches a certain amount during the event, we will pack the corresponding gift with your purchase! With a $30+ order, you can get a Vaptio cap. With a $60+ order, you can get a Vaptio T-shirt. With a $80+ order, you can get a P3 Tank. With a $120+ order, you can get a MOVE2 240W MOD. Lucky Prize Wheel Sept. 18 - Sept.30 In this period, a chance will come every day for you to win one of the following Lucky Prizes: 1st Prize: Wall Crawler Frogman Kit 2nd Prize: $50 Cash Coupon 3rd Prize: A cap and a T-shirt Now let's snap up! P.S. Stay tuned to and Vaptio's official social media accounts, more surprising offers to come!
  9. VAPTIO SOLO-FLAT MINI & C-FLAT MINI HOT-SPOTS: - Premium Aluminum Matte Finish - Epic Flavor Production - Must-Have On-The-Go Pocket Vape -Patented Ceramic Atomizer Pod System (No-Cotton Technology!) Vaptio’s patented ceramic coils, combined with proven pod system technology, ensures an unparalleled vaping experience. This patented ceramic atomizer tech doesn’t require cotton. This means that there are no particals to get mixed in with your E-liquid. Pure ceramic heating technology - providing a scrumptious wholesome taste. Buy Vaptio Solo-Flat Mini & C-flat Mini get free coils now! Vaptio Solo-Flat Mini: Vaptio C-FLAT MINI:
  10. Buy Vaptio Capt'n Paragon Kit Gets $100 Voucher! Limited time!

    INTRODUCING THE CAPT'N PARAGON KIT The Capt'n Paragon Kit takes the Vaptio Heroes series to new heights with its premium design, massive vapor production and epic taste production. The ultra-compact 220 watt Captain mod has a zinc-alloy frame and IML panel body. This allows for both a sturdy and light-weight design. At the first glance, many vape aficionados assume this. The Paragon tank takes Vaptio’s Smooth Tech to the next level. Mesh and strip coil options, enlarged airflow design, and larger 8ml fatty tank enable pro vapers to enjoy an unparalleled vaping experience. Capt’n Paragon Kit – Enjoy endless taste options, cool smooth airflow, and massive vapor production. Buy Vaptio Capt'n Paragon Kit Gets $100 Voucher now! Check it out here:
  11. Vaptio in My Life Video Contest - Over $3000 in Cash & Prizes!

    To celebrate the eminent landing of Vaptio's latest Hero, the Capt'n, and Vaptio's Vape trick contests in ECC (Cali) and in New York, Vaptio is running a "Vaptio in My Life" Video competition. Join and win here: Check out latest hero - Vaptio Capt’n Paragon Kit here: Vaptio Team
  12. Vaptio Capt'n Review from Zophie Vapes
  13. Vaptio Capt'n Review from IndoorSmokers

    Review from IndoorSmokers
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  15. 2-in-1 Paragon Kit Launch Giveaway & ECC Vape Trick Competition

    As a prelude to our exhibition at this years ECC in the USA, Vaptio has decided to launch a Vape Tricks contest. The total cash prizes will be $1000. The vape tricks contest will run concurrently with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gleam giveaways. Read the Paragon Giveaway Blog. Now that you've entered the Paragon Beast social media giveaways, let's tell you how to make some cash $$$ and win some #VaptioSwagger. #VaptioTrick Prizes: 1st Place Prize: $600usd + Capt'n Paragon Vape Kit 2nd Place Prize: $300usd + Capt'n Paragon Kit 3rd Place Prize: $100usd + Capt'n Paragon kit. 4th to 10th place winners will receive Vaptio vaping kits, T-shirts, Caps, etc. Enter to win win the Vape Tricks contest here.