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  1. KOMGE Cashew POD. It's available soon in Italy. Any people who like this, please attention us. This is a luxury POD: Zinc Alloy +PC material, but not a cheap plastic without any handling feelings. Also welcome to distribution via contact below : E-mail: [email protected] Skype: Angorabbit-Rico Whatsapp: +8615875541949 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/komgevape.rico
  2. Hello everyone, Thanks for checking our POD. I believe you get so confuse that what leading 2 years than other POD system. It's our KOMGE Cashew POD. What different with other pods ? ----This is a NO LEAKING LIQUID POD. I believe so many of you get so annoying with the pod system that leaking liquid: it's so disgusting, and the device is very easy to get damage, also the POD splashing when you vaping. But we solved this, how to solve? Other Company put the Air intake on the bottom of the cartridge, and we put it on the top side. Maybe you will think this is so easy to get it solved, but actually in order to make sure a good airflow and vaping flavor, it takes a long to get it solved. It's the Unique POD in the market no leaking liquid. also with the best hands feeling. It's Frosted design, but not Glossy, so no slip, just enjoy. Welcome to distribution : E-mail : [email protected] Skype: Angorabbit-Rico Whatsapp: +8615875541949
  3. Hello Monday. Have a nice week 😁😁
  4. Real shooting of the KOMGE K1
  5. KOMGE K1 Disposable E-cig released. Retail Cheap like a Cotton price. 💖💖💖 50mg USA hottest Apollo Salt Nicotine E-liquid 1.3ml pre-filled. Equal to around 4 boxes of cigarettes, but healthy. The best gift for quiting smoking, Saving lives. 😎😎 Welcome to distribution.
  6. KOMGE CASHEW POD another professional review : It's not only good for high nicotine, but also normal nicotine since it has very good airflow and strong flavor. Komge Cashew Review-Big cloud and strong flavor
  7. Your best vaping choice . New cotton release: Angorabbit black package: It's combed via the high pressure pure water. More fluffy and softer test. Angorabbit Orange package: It's not combed, it 's stronger flavor, better for heavy vapers.
  8. Ciao Svapo family, Glad to introduce our new product to you guys: KOMGE CASHEW POD😁😁. This is a POD that has the best handle feeling and also NO more liquid leaking issues like samiliar PODs . Distribution contact : E-mail : [email protected] Skype: Angorabbit-Rico Whatsapp: +8615875541949 Wechat: bobocan825 Pre-production sample test by professional Reviewer- ZOPHIE My Personal Test with the CASHEW POD- Strong Flavor
  9. Vape gratis, mostra i tuoi poteri.
  10. Angorabbit Thanksgiving Special Offer: Date: Nov 10th- Dec 10th. China time. MOQ: 1,000 PCs Free express shipping and Zero import custom tax. Note: some remote countries are excluded. Please contact me to get more details. Skype: Angorabbit-Rico E-mail: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vapecottonwholesaler
  11. Choose Angorabbit and avoid annoying issues.😀😀
  12. Cheap Cotton : Wick-boil with juice-vape-dry burn-remove-wick Angorabbit : Wick-vape with juice-dry burn-vape with juice-dry burn-vape with juice-dry burn-vape with juice-dry burn-remove-wick Dry burn:
  13. Molte persone conoscono solo il cotone è un cotone, non sanno la differenza tra il cotone di vape e il cotone medico o il cotone. English : Many people only know cotton is a cotton, they don't know the difference between the vape cotton and medical cotton or make up cotton. How to find a good Vape cotton?
  14. This is our version. And it's the only version 😀