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Do you know the Features and Functions of VOOPOO X217 Mod? Check it out!

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The Voopoo X217 is a pretty full-featured mod overall. You have Power mode (watts), Voltage Mode, Watt curve mode (set in 1 second increments for 10 seconds and 5 memory slots), and Temp control mode for Ni200, Ti, SS, and Ni80. No TCR mode but the TCR is adjustable in each of the preset modes, although limited to a range. It uses the same TCR system as the other GENE chip mods and not the standard one most mods use.


All the needed features though are here, so that's nice. As far as usage goes, they have improved the menu system a lot this time around and mixed with the nicer bigger screen it's a much easier mod to navigate than the older GENE chipped mods like the original Drag. It also automatically sets your wattage on a new coil.


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