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Build quality and design of VOOPOO X217

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This is a pleasantly solid device. The buttons are are positive with a good click and are comfortable to use. They have enough resistance that you won't accidentally press them and they are fine when in your pocket. 


The 510 connector is smooth and does the job and there is plenty of space for any diameter atomiser. It has a wide base around it too which will stop the main mod getting any atty swirls.

Quoted from Purplefowler

The display is great, very nice screen which is easy to use in any light from bright sunlight to low lighting and you can adjust the brightness in the settings. The lock screen is a clock makes it easy to check when X217 was on your side and you can check the time whenever you want.


Then there are the LED lights! You can set them to red, blue, green or multicoloured, and they graduate and change. With them, you can easily stand out at night time. They also pulse when you take a puff and the pulsing gradually gets faster the longer you inhale. Pretty cool, ha?


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