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Pretty high score for Drag 2

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Drag 2 mod can reach up to 5-177w which works on TC for vapers who enjoy this type of vaping experience. The chipset in this kit is the new FIT Gene which is great, and the performance is consistent throughout the vaping experience. 


There is an UP / DOWN button below the display, and a micro USB port for charging under it. The micro USB port is also used for connection with the PC at the time of firmware update. Firmware can be downloaded on the VOOPOO site. Manuals and firmware etc can also be downloaded at VOOPOO Service. And you can make various settings on the PC by using Configuration software. 

The battery cover is stopped at the top and bottom two magnets. It’s easy to take it off and put it on when changing batteries.


The puff switch emits a good resonance. I also made a good click feeling and good making. Since the center part of the switch is dented, touching fingers is pleasant. And the point that it is a metal part above all is a high score for me. The texture of the part touched by the finger is important. 


Quoted from nukayoro.

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