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You can get MAX 127W in a single battery mod now.


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Usually, you can’t get enough output in a single battery mod as high as 100W, especially when you want to put an RDA on it. The good news is from now on, you can.

The Bohrvape Chaser mod comes with a maximum 127W output when using just one 21700 battery (removable). The wattage ranges from 5W to 127W, which give you a large space to adjust when using different tanks. That means you can not only use subohm tanks on it but also RDAs which may require higher output, in a more portable way comparing with dual battery mods.


Does the higher wattage make Chaser mod larger or heavier than other single battery mod? Nope, the mod is about 29mm in width and 95mm in high, not much larger than other mods, and since the battery is removable, the mod itself weight only about 150g, similar to the weight of a 60ml e-liquid. So all in all, it is still a portable single mod which you easily put it in your pocket.

Supported by the new chip we created called SAGA Player, Chaser mod gives instant firing speed as fast as 0.01s, and that speed is not only for the wattage mode, it also applies to other modes in this mod including PLAY mode, Temperature Control mode, and Custom mode.


By the way, the Chaser mod is also compatible with 18650 by using a spare adapter (included in the package), and the maximum output is 80W. And when changing batteries, there is no need to choose battery mode, the SAGA Player chip can intelligently detect the battery you are using, and give different maximum output accordingly. For example, when you want to change it from 18650 to 21700, just slide the battery cover out, take out the 18650 battery, install the 21700 and slide back the battery cover, and that’s it, your maximum output has updated from 80W to 127W, and vice versa.

How do you think of the 127W in a single battery mod?