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  1. VAPTIO C-II, 3000mah pen style vaporizer widing the power to 100W

    VAPTIO C-II is a powerful classic vape pen with 3000mah battery capacity and max 100w output power. Now its available with black and stainless steel colors, and features long lasting for a day. The tank with a larger air slot and straight drip tip, its capable of delivering massive vapor and pure flavor. The pocket friendly and 360 leakproof design ensure it wont mess your pocket; auto-lock technology puts an end to accidental 'pocket-vaping'. Specifications: TANK: size: 25*53mm color: black, stainless MOD: size: 25*88mm output power: 30w-100w resistance: 0.25ohm, kanthal battery capacity: 3000mah
  2. VAPTIO C-FLAT, a new vaping alternative with mini size but big vapor

    Vaptio C-FLAT has a 350mah built in battery that performs 15w of max output. It delivers big and smooth vapor. its compact size and ergonomic design make carring-around never so easy. C-FLAT, a new vaping alternative with mini size but big vapor,fits for both mouth vaping and lung vaping two vaping styles, and is equipped with unique drip tip design perferctly fit the lips and a built-in button to avoid mis-operation. Capacity: liquid capacity: 1.5ml resistance: 1.0ohm battery: 350mah power: 15w max. size: 120.5*24.9*15.1mm
  3. Vaptio solo flat, slick and chic POD system kit

    Vaptio Solo flat is a new release top filling POD system kit with built in 650mah battery and max output 25w, bringing you bigger smoker experience, and coming with smart airflow control chip. Kit includes, 1* solo flat mod 1* solo flat drip tip 2* solo flat tank 1* user manual 1* usb cable Parameters, battery capacity 650mah output power 15w resistance 1ohm liquid capacity 1.5ml size 128*20.3*13.8mm
  4. VAPTIO RDTA tank - a switchable tank between rdta and rda

    VAPTIO Turbo-L RDTA tank, equipped with patented shield-tech anti-spitting technology, is available to switch from rdta to rda, while you can make your own coil installation. Its aimed to bring an end to ecigs spitting by the revolutionary design, incorporating a special shield to prevent hot juice from jumping up. While it produces huge amount of vapor and ultimate high quality of vapro texture and flavor. RDTA specifications: Length: 61mm Diameter: 25mm Capacity: 5.0ml
  5. N1 PRO 240W KIT, with Frogman tank highly compatible and interchangeable

    VAPTIO N1 PRO 240W KIT, offers the option of dual 18650 and triple 18650 performance. it powers up to 200 watts with three 18650 batteries. By replacing the battery cover, user can add one extra 18650 battery to the mod, increasing battery life and maximum wattage up to 240 watts. The tank is highly compatible and interchangeable, aiming to realize 'one coil to fit them all'. its coil is designed to be highly compatible and interchangeable with other mainstream multicore coils made by various brands. Specifications: tank: capacity: 2.0ml size: 23.5*54mm Resistance: 0.15ohm/0.4ohm coils mod: output: 1-240w, resistance range: 0.16-5.0 ohm temperature range: 200-600F 0.91 inches color screen display
  6. 50% Discounts goes on

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  7. upto 50% discount on Vaptio, Jan 31st to Feb 2nd

    Vaptio Celebrates for Valentine's Day You cant buy a lover, but you can buy "Vaptio kits for vapor" 1. Buy Wall Crawler can get one product free, also free shipping. 2. Flash sales for Frogman XL tank, Move 2 240w RDTA, etc. 3. 50% discounts for N1 pro 240w, C-II, etc. Click here to find more on
  8. Super Bat 220W MOD, the homecoming of the Vaptio Hero

    Introducing the Super Bat 220w multi-purpose vape mod, the perfect combination of power and design to meet the demands of serious vape chasers. Meticulously designed and crafted to maximize your vaping experience this innovative design features an advance, intuitive UI and super cool interactive LED lighting system to enhance your visual sense. Super Bat 220w there is a new hero in town. Kit includes, 1* Super Bat 220w mod 1* User Manual 1* USB cable Parameters, Cell, 2* 18650 Size, 85.5 * 46.0 * 30.0 Output power, 1w – 220w Screen, TFT 1.3 inches Color, Black / Silver / Red
  9. Luck roulette for coupon code, based on a discount price

    Hi, Good news to you guys, There will have discounts on start from Jan. 31th to Feb. 2nd. Also now released Luck roulette for extra coupon code, it can be used on a discounts price during those days. Welcome click the link here to draw.
  10. Vaptio Wall Crawler, 0.005s to fire up, low resistance to 0.05ohm

    Vaptio is releasing a new vape kit - Wall Crawler . Unlock Wall Crawler inner beast with Supercharger Tech. It fires up to the max throttle in just only 0.005 second, and goes as low as 0.05 ohm resistance under bypass mode Kit includes, 1 * Throne tank 1 * Wall Crawler mod 1 * User manual 1 * USB cable 1 * Throne D1 coil, 0.25ohm 1 * Throne D2 coil, 1.2ohm Parameters, Tank size: 23.5 * 54.9mm E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml Mod size: 73 * 50 * 28.5mm Screen: 1.3 inch color screen Wattage: 7-80w Resistance range: 0.05-2.0 ohm Battery form factor: 18650 Vaptio Wall Crawler video review from IndoorSmokers