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Smallest size, highest wattage! Rofvape Z-Box.

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Rofvape Warlock Z Box 233 Mod is one piece of extrem luxurious fin art,which is cooprerative developed by Rofvape and Tonino Vaper,a famous Vaper reviewer from Spain. 

Details: https://www.elegomall.com/rofvape-233w-warlock-z-box-battery.html


The Rofvape Warlock mod combines autonomy and power in the very refined style that is known in Rofvape line. The Rofvape box mod has a power of 233 watts thanks to its 2 batteries 18650. You can use the usb port if you want to recharge this warlock z-box 233w TC


This dual 18650 battery box mod, manufactured by Rofvape from zinc alloy and leather. Z box 233 mod can reach max power to 233W and are compatible with five modes:VW/VT-Ni/VY-Ti/VT-SS/VT-CE Mod.


Newest product from Elegomall.

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